Alfonso Merlos

Alfonso Merlos: Clamor in the Bar Association because the dean keeps the grotesque journalist as press chief after the scandal

The images have raised an intense dust cloud in the heart programs, because Alfonso Merlos had officially confirmed his relationship with Marta López a few months ago.


Prince Philippos of Greece & Nina Flohr: Royal dream wedding in Athens

Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr tied the knot in Athens Cathedral. The proud bride beamed at her father's side on the way to the altar.

Corona vaccination breakthroughs: how dangerous is the virus for vaccinated people? – Answers to the most important questions

Despite being vaccinated, you can get infected with corona. Why is that and how dangerous can the virus be for vaccinated people? The most important things at a glance.

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Full at work, but suddenly on the stick: How is the Queen?

For many Britons, these are unfamiliar images of their queen. For no apparent medical reason, the Queen recently used a walking stick. Is there any cause for concern?

The two types of happiness and how to enhance them in children

What is happiness? It is something very subjective and personal; it is clear that for each person, happiness will involve different things. However, we can speak of two predominant approaches to happiness in psychology.