US elections 2020: Washington shields itself from the threat of riots on presidential election day

Stores in Washington DC are shielded with wood against the threat of riots ahead of Tuesday, November 3, the day of the presidential elections.


19-year-old with a concrete slab sunk in Weser: court cannot prove murder

In Lower Saxony, a young woman is forced into prostitution and then killed. Three people are convicted - there is no clear homicide.

ZDF crime thriller: "Friesland: Until the Blood" – Nordic by Nature

Unfortunately, the new episode of the recently quite remarkable Schmunzel crime series on ZDF is only moderately cheerful and completely unexciting.

Must Read

“It's just a phase, rabbit” with Herbst and Paul

And another comedy about a couple in a midlife crisis? In this case, the result is very amusing.

In which countries does the death penalty exist? And for what crimes?

Today there are still 55 countries that apply the death penalty for crimes such as murder and high treason, robbery or rape.