Arturo Herrera

Treasury maintains 6.5% forecast for GDP, despite slower vaccination

The SHCP linked its economic forecast with the advance of vaccination, but at rates that were seen before the elections.

The legacy that Arturo Herrera leaves in the Ministry of Finance

He faced a global pandemic from the Ministry of Finance and prioritized the fiscal balance in public accounts; a decision that can be expensive for the economy in the medium term.

Why Arturo Herrera?

Under a monetarist view of the economy, Mexico's growth potential is restricted to what its banking system does.

Who is Rogelio Ramírez de la O, the new Secretary of the Treasury?

This Mexican economist, who replaces Arturo Herrera in the position, has a doctorate in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

Arturo Herrera leaves the Treasury and profiles for the governorship of Banxico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Rogelio Ramírez de la O will be the new head of the Ministry of Finance.


Family: Anne Heche will probably not survive the accident

The US actress crashed into a house at high speed – after the crash, her car caught fire. Heche's family is now examining whether their organs can be donated. That was Heche's wish.

Arctic warming almost four times faster than global

Climate change is clearly noticeable in the Arctic - even more than in other regions of the world. This has to do with polar amplification, write researchers in a study.

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Train runs again after fire in Grunewald – danger remains

The danger from the fire at the blast site in Berlin's Grunewald forest remains. The railway is still on the way back to normality.