Mexico's stock market is getting smaller and smaller

The little liquidity, the low volumes of operation and the lack of interest of the companies to stop being familiar are the factors that have made the market become smaller and smaller.

The moving season is on the horizon in the Mexican stock market

Fideicomiso Hipotecario (FHipo) moved its securities from the BMV to BIVA. Now other companies are expected to do the same in the coming months.


Accident in Dortmund: car rolls over on B1

Several people were injured in an accident on the B1 in Dortmund on Monday. A rescue helicopter was deployed.

Ayleen A. murder case: teenager and suspect know each other from the Internet

The police and prosecutors comment on the murder of Ayleen A. The 14-year-old and the alleged perpetrator are said to know each other from the Internet. Read the background here:

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Gorgosaurus skeleton sells for $6 million

It lived more than 70 million years ago and looked similar to Tyrannosaurus rex. At an auction, a princely sum was offered for the skeleton of a Gorgosaurus.

Play Xbox without a console: This is the new Samsung TV with xCloud Gaming

Samsung has a stake in the mobile gaming industry through its millions of smartphones and has now partnered with Xbox to deliver a more complex experience.