Black Panther

Danai Gurira will play Okoye again in the Disney + series “Black Panther”

Details about the plot of the Black Panther series are not yet known, except that it will be set in Wakanda.


Analysis proves: “era of climatic death” has dawned

Climate change is causing more and more extreme weather phenomena. A new analysis shows the drastic effects of climate change.

Black women who were kind of ahead of their time

In history books they are mostly invisible: black women. A Getty Images collection now features pictures of them - BuzzFeed News was allowed to use them.

Must Read

"11 times more effective" – Researchers develop vaccination patches against Corona

A vaccination patch against Corona should better protect against a severe course of Covid 19. Researchers in Australia are convinced of this. Even before Omicron variants.

Extreme heat is over, drought and risk of forest fires continue

How will the weekend be? The German Weather Service expects temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius during the day. But the soil is still too dry in many places and the risk of forest fires has not been averted.