Junk bond sales set record: $ 535 billion in first half

In the first six months of the year, companies sold 49% more speculative-grade bonds amid increased investors' appetite for risk.

Insurers' investment in US junk bonds marks an all-time high

Insurers have roughly $ 240 billion in US junk bonds, an all-time high and 23% more than at the beginning of last year.

Elections Boost Mexican Bonds

Investors in Mexican bonds are encouraged after in the elections, the party of President López Obrador lost its supermajority in the Chamber of Deputies.


Hundreds of thousands at the CSD in Hamburg

The motto of the demo in Hamburg this time was “On the road! Diversity instead of violence” and should draw attention to “increasing hate crimes against queer people”.

Storms and mudslides in South Tyrol and Trentino

In the middle of summer, torrential rain falls in South Tyrol. There were mudslides, no one was hurt.

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I have sensitive teeth during pregnancy: how to relieve this unpleasant discomfort

During pregnancy it is important to pay more attention to the care of teeth and gums, since the bacterial flora is modified by the action of pregnancy hormones, increasing the risk of oral problems. Among the most common at this stage are inflamed gums, gingivitis, cavities and increased tooth sensitivity.

Amazon acquires iRobot for 1,700 MDD

The company is the developer of Roomba smart vacuum cleaners and the deal seeks to improve Amazon's position in the home market.