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Justin Theroux: "Not even Lynch himself knew what was happening on Mulholland Drive"

Justin Theroux confirms what we all imagined. David Lynch also did not know what was happening on "Mulholland drive."

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore to star in "Carol" director's upcoming film

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore will star in "May December," the upcoming film from "Carol" director Todd Haynes.


Last Minute: Banxico announces a new 20-peso commemorative coin

The 12-sided coin commemorates 100 years since the arrival of the Mennonites in Mexico.

Explosion in the garden: DSDS star Daniele Negroni's girlfriend burned in front of his eyes

DSDS star Daniele Negroni surprised with engagement news. A week earlier, friend Davina caught fire. She is in a wheelchair with burns.

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This is how migratory birds orient themselves

Birds have the ability to perceive changes in the direction their head is pointing, and they have a sense of magnetoception that works like a compass, giving them the ability to navigate.

Circulatory problems in the heat: These foods increase blood pressure

The heat causes health problems for many people. With a few tips and certain foods, you can prevent circulatory problems.