CNN fires comedian Kathy Griffin for posing with Trump's bloody head

Actress Kathy Griffin has ended up on the street for posing with a bloody head that closely resembles Donald Trump.


US model Meadow Walker marries – Vin Diesel at wedding

US model Meadow Walker got married. Among the guests is Vin Diesel, her godfather and good friend of her father Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013.

Clueso speaks in the "Tagesthemen" about the state of the music scene

Singer-songwriter Clueso was interviewed in the ARD “Tagesthemen” on the subject of Corona in the music scene. And there was also singing.

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Sharpened senses: the ZDF documentary "Begnadet anders"

Disability, accident or illness shape the lives of many people. A moving report tells of the fact that they can still be successful at work and often even more efficient than people without a handicap.

Hunter's Moon: why is the October full moon so called

The Hunter's Full Moon will occur on October 20. Let's discover how to see it and the reason for that name dedicated to hunting.