Cyber security

Faced with Nebraska abortion case, Messenger announces new features

These measures are valuable for the privacy of users, especially in the US, where companies can give information to the authorities in cases of abortions.

Ransomware, a threat that gets stronger

As long as the ransomware ecosystem continues to prosper, it can spread to sectors that are vital to the economy, such as large organizations or the government itself, considers Carlos Ortiz Bortoni.

Fan of selfies and free apps? Your banking app is in danger

Fabio Assolini, the new director of Kaspersky's research and analysis team for Latin America, spoke about fraud news and trends in the region.

By downloading duckling apps, they can steal your money from the bank

Although banking applications have effective security filters, they can always be compromised if the user does not take additional security measures. We recommend some here.

Cybercriminals leak internal documents of the National Lottery

Information on payments, policies, contracts and databases from 2009 to 2021 were exposed in this attack that the Avaddon hacker group claimed.

Anonymous threatens Musk and calls him a narcissist

The group of activists published a video in which it threatens the leader of Tesla and SpaceX, as it considers that he manipulates the price of cryptocurrencies in a malicious way.

Hackers: the latest threat to global food chains

A ransomware attack on Brazilian giant JBS forced the shutdown of all the company's beef plants in the United States. It is a warning of what may be to come.

Why do cybercriminals attack elections?

After a message from Anonymous Mexico, where it was stated that Russian hackers were seeking to attack the Mexican elections, experts point to the interest of electoral information.


Hottest day of the week: meteorologists warn – heavy thunderstorms will follow at the weekend

Weather: Midsummer is literally parked in Germany. There is an extreme heat warning in some areas on Thursday – then the thunderstorms come.

Last supermoon of the year shines in the night sky in August 2022

Already in June and around July 2022 the full moon became a super moon. In August 2022 there will be a super moon for the last time this year. When does he shine?

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Rescue operation in France ends tragically: beluga whale from the Seine died

Rescuers fought to save a beluga whale that had strayed from arctic waters to warm French climes. Unfortunately, the mammal is now dead.

German backpacker missing in Spain: young man's family starts search call

A German backpacker is on holiday in Spain. But now he is missing. His family is now desperately looking for him via Instagram.