Daniela Castaño Forero

Daniela Castaño and the leading role of popcorn

The entrepreneur Daniela Castaño chose in 2018 to take popcorn out of movie theaters, her usual environment with her brand Maíz Kernel.


Terrible explosions in Armenia's capital: three people dead – dozens injured, many missing

Armenia's capital Yerevan was rocked by multiple explosions. At least three people died.

Weather in Hesse: Midsummer takes a break – thunderstorms are brewing

After sunny summer days, there may be showers and thunderstorms in Hesse in the coming week. The weather developments at a glance.

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Victor Orbán in distress: Hungary's head of government has to be rescued from a rubber boat

Victor Orban had to be rescued from distress during his vacation in Croatia. The Hungarian Prime Minister's inflatable boat threatened to sink.

Rapper arrest warrant performs in Mannheim – the concert has to be cancelled

Many fans were already looking forward to their idol. But even with the second attempt, the arrest warrant concert falls through, as the operator confirms.