David Lynch

Spielberg films childhood – David Lynch appears in front of the camera

Spielberg's autobiographical drama The Fabelmans is reportedly starring director David Lynch as an actor. Numerous Hollywood stars are already on board.

Justin Theroux: "Not even Lynch himself knew what was happening on Mulholland Drive"

Justin Theroux confirms what we all imagined. David Lynch also did not know what was happening on "Mulholland drive."


"Water war" in Italy: Rain is finally coming – but there are still huge concerns about Lake Garda and the Po Valley

It's raining again on Lake Garda and in the Po Valley after weeks of drought. Nevertheless, the problems in northern Italy remain gigantic because of the drought.

Fire in Grunewald: security area reduced, trains roll again – but danger remains "acute"

In the middle of Berlin, a major fire is raging at a police storage facility for explosives. Now special technology should help in exploring the exclusion zone. The Grunewald News Ticker.

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DLRG reports almost twice as many bathing deaths in NRW compared to the previous year

This year's bathing season is not over yet and the DLRG is already drawing a tragic balance sheet. The number of swimmers is increasing.

Inflation in Mexico: What will happen to my Infonavit savings?

By law, the returns on the savings you have in Infonavit must be equal to or greater than inflation, says the institute.