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The parents of 'El Chicle' assure that "it is clear" that their son "did not do it alone" in the murder of Diana Quer

The parents of José Enrique Abuín Gey, alias 'El Chicle', the confessed author of Diana Quer's death, have shown their conviction that their son did not act alone. "That is clear, he just did not do it", they have said in an interview with Galicia Television in which they acknowledge the difficulties that ... Continue reading "The parents of 'El Chicle' assure that" it is clear "that their son "He did not do it alone" in the murder of Diana Quer "


ZDF crime thriller "Friesland": cannabis and weird guys

A marine biologist is murdered in East Friesland, and soon the whole small town is upside down. A new episode of the cheerful crime series with charming actors.

Jan Böhmermann on "Moria 2": The EU is imprisoning innocents on Samos

Jan Böhmermann takes on the human contempt of the EU in the refugee camp Moria 2 in his ZDF magazine Royale. Is that still satire? The TV review.

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Volcano on La Palma: Spectacular satellite images give no hope of an end to the lava flows

The volcano Cumbre Vieja has been spitting lava and soot on La Palma for almost a month. There is no end in sight to the eruptions.

Amazon Prime Video: The 5 Most Viewed Movies of the Week

If you don't know what to watch, these are the most viewed movies of the week on Amazon Prime Video: science fiction, horror ...