Tobacco: The 10 Most Common Smoking Diseases in the World

Tobacco use is deeply rooted in society, but little by little it is being rejected. These 10 smoking illnesses will tell you why.

Alzheimer's Day, why is it celebrated on September 21?

This September 21, world Alzheimer's day is celebrated. A disease related to cerebral dementia. Find out more about this day here.

What is anthrax and how is it transmitted? A very dangerous disease

On the occasion of the outbreak of anthrax in a cattle farm in Ciudad Real, we explained what this disease is and how it is transmitted.

All about autophobia, the disorder that appears from spending time alone

Autophobia is an anxiety disorder that can have a negative impact on an individual's life if it is not treated properly.

What is the 'brain-eating' amoeba that has a 97% mortality rate?

The so-called 'brain-eating' amoeba is a unicellular microorganism that is introduced through the nose and ends up eating brain tissue

What is drunkorexia? The dangerous "fashion" that spreads among young people

Experts warn of the physical and mental dangers of drunkorexia, an increasingly widespread practice among young people.

Is it true that milk is good for heartburn?

Heartburn is undoubtedly one of the most annoying sensations. Milk is said to be good for relieving heartburn .. is it true?

The most deadly and dangerous diseases in the world

In addition to Covid-19, there are other types of diseases that have a high mortality rate or cases of contagion.


Sat.1: Wayne Carpendale in a nursing internship

Since Corona at the latest, there has been a lot of talk about the nursing profession in Germany. Six stars have now done an internship for Sat.1. You have seen a lot. It also changed the ex-“country doctor”.

RKI registered 8682 new corona infections

The seven-day incidence rose again slightly to 72.7. The RKI reports 8,682 new corona infections and 17 deaths.

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How much does a tap open for 24 hours spend?

How much water can we use if we leave the tap running? According to the EU, Spain is among the top 5 countries in water consumption.

Oscar winner Ruzowitzky on the affair for Kurz

What is going on behind the scenes at the Politbühne in Austria? The Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky is outraged - and finds drastic words.