European Court of Justice condemns Germany for dirty air in the cities

The EU limit values for NO2 have not been complied with in Germany for years. The ECJ has issued a judgment.


Amazon acquires iRobot for 1,700 MDD

The company is the developer of Roomba smart vacuum cleaners and the deal seeks to improve Amazon's position in the home market.

Stuttgart: skeleton found in forest

Stuttgart - A walk in a forest makes a terrible find - a skeleton. Read here what is known so far:

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Renewed train cancellations at DB Regio in NRW – VRR denounces management

Due to the current shortage of staff at Deutsche Bahn in NRW, there are again train cancellations. The VRR also reacts.

Juno spacecraft sends back stunning image of Jupiter

In one of them you can see a potpourri of connected and interconnected storm vortices that appear serene from a distance, but are not.