LAST MINUTE: The European Central Bank raises its interest rate to a maximum of 2009

The central bank led by Christine Lagarde raised its reference interest rate by 75 basis points, to place it at 1.5%, its highest level since 2009.

Euro plunges to its LOWEST LEVEL in 20 years, and sterling falls to its historical low

Sterling slumped to a record low amid growing concern that the new government's economic plan will push British finances over the edge.

ECB authorities advocate a big rate hike

The next hike from the European Central Bank is expected to be 50 points or more in September.

Last Minute: The euro falls to its worst level in 20 years, the recession is approaching

The contraction of the euro zone economy for the second consecutive month and the region's energy crisis brings the single currency to its lowest level in 20 years against the dollar.

Germany in trouble due to inflation: Production prices increased 37.2%, the highest rise since 1949

Producer prices in Europe's largest economy are up a record 37%, adding to fears that Germany will weaken further in coming months.

Why is the euro now worth the same (or less) than the dollar?

There is a strong depreciation of the euro since last year, accentuated by the war between Ukraine and Russia. Undoubtedly, this event generates uncertainty and fear in investors.

The peso appreciates to 20.4 per dollar due to a possible increase in the Fed rate

The Mexican currency ranks as the fourth most appreciated against the dollar, behind the Norwegian krone with 0.99%; the Polish zloty with 0.94% and the Swedish krona with 0.72%.

The super dollar is unstoppable: it touches a maximum of 20 years

Given the strength of the dollar, the yen fell to a 24-year low and the euro is worth less than the US currency.


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