Fed Chairman

Last Minute: Fed admits that the US economy is losing strength

The president of the Fed does not rule out a third "unusually large" increase in the interest rate if inflation does not give way in the following weeks.

Last Minute: The Fed decrees a new increase of 75 basis points in its interest rate; haven't seen anything like this since the 80's

The US central bank led by Jerome Powell announces a second strong increase in interest rates to try to contain inflation that is at maximum levels.

Fed sees risks in countries' use of digital currencies

The vice president of the US central bank considers that a Federal Reserve cryptocurrency "would be an attractive target for cyber attacks and security threats" or could be used to launder money.

The Fed rules out raising its interest rate just because of inflationary fears

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says the central bank will wait for evidence of real inflation or other imbalances before raising the interest rate.

The Fed forecasts an increase in its interest rate until 2023

The Fed leaves its short benchmark interest rate between 0% and 0.25% and remains committed to buying $ 120 billion in bonds a month to revive the US economy.

The Fed prepares a review of the economy and inflation in the United States

Despite the fact that a change in interest rates is ruled out, the members of the US central bank will evaluate the impact of monetary stimuli on inflation and employment.


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