First year on air

"The morning signal" celebrates its first year on the air

"The morning signal", RTVC's morning informational space on Cadena Colombia and Canal Institucional, is on the air for one year this June 8.


Last Minute: Banxico announces a new 20-peso commemorative coin

The 12-sided coin commemorates 100 years since the arrival of the Mennonites in Mexico.

Explosion in the garden: DSDS star Daniele Negroni's girlfriend burned in front of his eyes

DSDS star Daniele Negroni surprised with engagement news. A week earlier, friend Davina caught fire. She is in a wheelchair with burns.

Must Read

Big fire in the Grunewald: exceptional situation in Berlin – special technology should help now

In the middle of Berlin, a major fire is raging at a police storage facility for explosives. Now special technology should help in exploring the exclusion zone. The Grunewald News Ticker.

Flight chaos: Lufthansa sees "bottomed out" – but relief is still months away

Lufthansa sees itself on the mend. Almost all flights take off again. Above all, there are still problems on domestic German connections.