G7 launches infrastructure plan to compete with China

Joe Biden convinced his peers to counteract the Asian country's economic rise with an initiative that meets the infrastructure needs of low- and middle-income countries.

The G7 holds a face-to-face summit to organize the post-pandemic era

Leaders of the world's major industrialized economies have pledged to deliver 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines to low-income countries.

Biden arrives in Europe with the promise of millions of vaccines for the world

The US president announces that his country will donate 500 million Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19.

Janet Yellen calls on rich countries to keep spending even after COVID

"Most countries have fiscal space, and they have the ability to put fiscal policies in place that will continue to promote recovery," said the US Secretary of the Treasury.

The G7 agrees a global tax on multinationals

The United States, Great Britain and other countries reached a historic agreement this Saturday to apply a tax framework of a minimum of 15% to multinationals such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

The G7 meets with an “in sight” agreement on taxation of transnationals

"We cannot continue to rely on a tax system that was largely designed in the 1920s," said Britain's Rishi Sunak at the opening of the G7 finance ministers meeting.

The World Bank and IMF urge the G7 to release surplus vaccines

They called on governments, pharmaceutical companies and groups involved in the procurement of vaccines to drive transparency about contracting, financing and deliveries.


"Fear that he wants to go back": Harry's homesickness for England does not leave Meghan alone

Prince Harry does not let go of the longing for his homeland. The ex-royal is said to be unconcluded with his former life in England, which has Meghan panicking.

No royal airs: Kate Middleton helps lonely boys on the train

Mom of three Kate Middleton is there when a lonely child needs help. During a train ride without any bodyguards, she kept a boy company.

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