Generation Z

What distinguishes Gen Z consumers?

While millennials grew up honing and filtering their lives on Instagram, Gen Z wants authenticity and is tired of over-production, says Diego Prusky.

Hybrid work is even more challenging for Gen Z

While hybrid work is challenging for this generation, company assurances for work-life balance are critical to its adoption.


Weakened beluga whale in the Seine

A beluga whale has strayed far from its arctic habitat in the Seine. Now there is a fear that if the whale stays in the river, it could starve to death.

"Fear that he wants to go back": Harry's homesickness for England does not leave Meghan alone

Prince Harry does not let go of the longing for his homeland. The ex-royal is said to be unconcluded with his former life in England, which has Meghan panicking.

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Andrea Berg: "I'm hopelessly romantic"

Andrea Berg has been holding her own in the tough hit business for 30 years. On the occasion of the stage anniversary, she tells what she draws her strength from.

Donation from bin Laden brothers: Prince Charles in the criticism

With his charities, Prince Charles is committed to the environment, culture and history. Where the money comes from does not seem to be very important to the heir to the throne.