Greenhouse effect

What is methane? Natural gas properties

Methane is a highly flammable, colorless and odorless gas whose chemical formula is CH4. It is not one of the most important gases in the Earth's atmosphere, but it is one of the most abundant organic compounds on our planet.


Period poverty: tampons for everyone in Scotland

The availability of period products has been mandatory in schools since last year and is now being expanded. A Scottish Labor MP called the law "a beacon of hope".

Space photo misleads thousands – it's not a fireball at all

At first glance, the photo shows a red fireball, but that is deceptive. The photo is real, but it doesn't come from deep space.

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Does your baby cry every time you leave the house? How to manage the moment with respect and without feeling guilty

The first outings without the baby are usually complicated. Whether it's going back to work after maternity leave or having to run an errand alone, those first breakups aren't usually easy.

How to watch the Premier League from Mexico

Sky lost the rights to the Premier League and now belong to Paramount +. We tell you how to acquire it and from where you can see it.