Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Chile, Colombia and the US already exceed their pre-COVID GDP per capita… Mexico is far away

On average, the OECD economies have already recovered and even surpassed the per capita product they had before the pandemic. But Mexico remains at 2014 levels.

Complicated future: Mexico will face recession in 2023, warns Moody's

Mexico will face supply shocks, high inflation and weakening demand due to high interest rates, according to a Moody's Analytics report.

Why China is losing economic momentum

The confinements due to Covid-19 and some financial factors, such as the high number of bank loans, have weighed down the growth of the Asian giant.

The United States and China drive the global economic reactivation

The US stimulus package as well as the rapid growth of China raised expectations; However, the World Bank warns of poverty and inequality in developing countries.

Mexico's economic activity will take off in the short term

For the medium term, structural improvements will largely depend on the dissipation of uncertainty about various public policies, predicts the IMEF.


Trapp thought the nomination for the Yashin Trophy was a joke

The French magazine "France Football" honors the best goalkeeper with the Yashin trophy every year. Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp first thought of a joke when he was nominated.

Restrictions on playing video games in China hit Tencent

The technology giant in China suffered from the blockades of the “covid zero” policy and the harsh rules in the video game sector.

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How Raikkonen prevented Sauber from becoming Red Bull F1

Kimi Raikkonen was the main culprit in Sauber not becoming Red Bull Racing, according to a member of the current Alfa Romeo team.

Tsunoda marks his first half of the season in F1 2022

Yuki Tsunoda believes he has improved remarkably as a driver in his second season in Formula 1, taking a 7 out of 10 following his start to 2022.