Mazepin reveals involvement in Michael Schumacher accident

Nikita Mazepin and her family were among the first to learn of Michael Schumacher's ski accident.

Where will Mick Schumacher race next season?

With no place at Ferrari, Mick Schumacher's future lies in staying at Haas or joining Williams next season.

Nikita Mazepin: The Russian army demands the Formula 1 driver to do military service

Mazepin could be away from Formula 1 for a while after Russia has demanded the driver to do mandatory military service.


"Water war" in Italy: Rain is finally coming – but there are still huge concerns about Lake Garda and the Po Valley

It's raining again on Lake Garda and in the Po Valley after weeks of drought. Nevertheless, the problems in northern Italy remain gigantic because of the drought.

Fire in Grunewald: security area reduced, trains roll again – but danger remains "acute"

In the middle of Berlin, a major fire is raging at a police storage facility for explosives. Now special technology should help in exploring the exclusion zone. The Grunewald News Ticker.

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They find the first example of another mammal that 'grows' its food

We believed that we humans were the only ones who grew our food. ¿which animal is it about?

Controversial response of Mexico and Brazil to monkeypox: "The government did nothing"

It all started with two grains, but a week later, this Mexican already had sores on his body and mouth. Specialists believe that not enough is being done to deal with the emergency.