historical curiosities

Advances against smallpox in Europe: history of a vaccine

This is the story of how the smallpox vaccine was developed. Mary Montagu played a leading role in its invention and use.

Nikola Tesla's inventions and ideas that we use in everyday life

Although he did not achieve the success he expected and longed for in life, today we continue to use many of his inventions, as well as technologies derived from his ideas or creations.

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison: allies and rivals at the same time

The young scientist Nikola Tesla had everything to succeed. But in his struggle to impose new AC technology he ran into Thomas Edison, relegating him to virtual oblivion before history finally proved him right.

The Apollo 1 fire changed the design of spacecraft

As a result of the lessons learned, NASA has developed new materials with fire safety in mind. For example, the insulation around cables is made with a special coating so fire resistant that it cannot burn even in a pure oxygen environment.

The most important archaeological finds on Earth

Many of these discoveries are still an enigma for scientists, such as the tomb of Cleopatra or the Stonehenge.

Skylab, America's First Space Station

Skylab was the first American space station. In addition, the astronauts on board carried out 270 experiments in biomedical and life sciences, Earth astronomy, and materials processing.

When Samuel Morse sent the first telegram to America

The telegram became the first international communications network, and the only method of immediate transmission of messages for many decades in our country. Although it had its splendor at the end of the 19th century, today it has become a system almost sentenced to death.

Colossus, the first large-scale computer

It was baptized with the name of Colossus because of its enormous size. And also for its ability to help decipher most German messages. In fact, according to Winston Churchill, it was of enormous use in the war by shortening the war by 18 months.


Ed Sheeran tested positive for Corona

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran's fifth record is slated for release on October 29th. The singer will not be able to attend some of the previously planned appointments in person due to the corona.

Til Schweiger thinks: Sharp ammunition has no place on the film set

How did the terrible accident on the "Rust" film set come about, in which Alec Baldwin fired fatal shots at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins?

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According to Stephen Hawking, experiment near Baden-Württemberg could cause the universe to collapse

Physicists have long wanted to find out what the universe is made of. Stephen Hawking warned against such experiments. They are extremely dangerous.

Eruption on La Palma: volcanic cloud over Germany

The eruption of the volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma also unsettles people in this country. A sulfur gas cloud reaches Germany.