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Simple tricks to save when putting the dishwasher

Do you want to save when putting the dishwasher? We have selected the simplest and most effective tricks: cleaning, ECO mode ...

New electricity rate: The best tricks to save with the washing machine

Taking into account that we cannot always put the washing machine in which the price of light is cheaper, it is convenient to know a few tricks to save as much as possible with the use of this appliance.

5 mistakes when putting the washing machine that you should avoid

We tell you which are the most frequent mistakes when putting the washing machine on and what you can do to avoid them.


Does HBO Max disappear? Fusion with Discovery+ and what you need to know

After the withdrawal of six films on HBO Max, rumors of the demise of the platform began. David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros, responded by announcing the merger with Discovery+.

Analysis proves: “era of climatic death” has dawned

Climate change is causing more and more extreme weather phenomena. A new analysis shows the drastic effects of climate change.

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Norway's King Harald hospitalized

Norway's King Harald V (85) was taken to hospital. He needed treatment for a fever. His condition is stable.

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