"Isabel": the life of a writer seen through the screens

The private life and external struggles of Chilean writer Isabel Allende were the basis for the creation of the series "Isabel", on Amazon Prime Video.


Trapp thought the nomination for the Yashin Trophy was a joke

The French magazine "France Football" honors the best goalkeeper with the Yashin trophy every year. Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp first thought of a joke when he was nominated.

Restrictions on playing video games in China hit Tencent

The technology giant in China suffered from the blockades of the “covid zero” policy and the harsh rules in the video game sector.

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Crustaceans 'pollinate' algae like bees do plants

Animal-driven fertilization could have emerged in the ocean long before it did on land.

Amok drive in Trier with five dead: perpetrators sentenced to life imprisonment

In the trial of the attack in Trier in 2020, the accused was sentenced to life imprisonment. The perpetrator is housed in a psychiatric ward.