Jerome Powell

Last Minute: Fed admits that the US economy is losing strength

The president of the Fed does not rule out a third "unusually large" increase in the interest rate if inflation does not give way in the following weeks.

Last Minute: The Fed decrees a new increase of 75 basis points in its interest rate; haven't seen anything like this since the 80's

The US central bank led by Jerome Powell announces a second strong increase in interest rates to try to contain inflation that is at maximum levels.

What will happen to the US economy without monetary stimulus?

With the 75-point hike expected in the Fed's reference rate, the US economy faces the challenge of continuing to grow without monetary stimulus.

The Fed complicates the outlook for the peso and inflation in Mexico

The beginning of an upward cycle in US interest rates in 2023 may inhibit investment projects and even the taking of loans in emerging countries such as Mexico.

The Fed forecasts an increase in its interest rate until 2023

The Fed leaves its short benchmark interest rate between 0% and 0.25% and remains committed to buying $ 120 billion in bonds a month to revive the US economy.

The Fed prepares a review of the economy and inflation in the United States

Despite the fact that a change in interest rates is ruled out, the members of the US central bank will evaluate the impact of monetary stimuli on inflation and employment.


At the weekend there is a risk of “floods” due to heavy rain and thunderstorms – then again “drought and heat”

In Germany, dry soil and rivers urgently need rainfall. It comes at the weekend, but then the midsummer weather returns.

No happy ending: a walker finds a neglected dog in a plastic bag – the police are looking for animal abusers

In Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, a woman discovered a neglected dog. It was in a plastic bag that was tied with zip ties.

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Thunderstorm night leaves heavy marks in Germany: Tornado causes damage in the millions

After the heat week, thunderstorms are imminent in many places in Germany. A tornado caused severe damage in Upper Swabia. The weather ticker.

The international price of gasoline gives way to the fall, but consumers will take time to notice it

The fear of a recession coupled with a drop in consumption are behind an adjustment in prices that, for now, will not be reflected for Mexican consumers.