Francisco Pérez Abellán: When the 'black chronicle' became brilliant

I met him at the end of the seventies in the memorable reddish wood bar of the Bocaccio in Madrid, where many reporters from the Madrid media ended the day. Of course, before its editors at the end of the 80s were involved in a media-ideological war, which caused a blackout in the relations between journalists from different newspapers.


Alec Baldwin shoots camerawoman – Now the husband of Hutchins says: "There are no words"

A camerawoman dies while filming the western "Rust". According to police, a prop gun was fired by movie star Alec Baldwin. The husband expresses himself.

Change from summer to winter time – when is the clock turned?

The clocks in Germany are changed every year. But when and how exactly does the change to winter time take place? An overview.

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Sophia Thomalla speaks openly about love for tennis star Zverev

Sophia Thomalla's new relationship has only been official for a few days. Now the moderator speaks openly about her partner.

Sensation of Living: Curiosities of the series

It caused sensations and they say that it will return shortly. The series Sensation of living, which in Spain was broadcast by Telecinco in the country.