How long you should wear the L for new driver in the car

Find out how long you have to wear the L in the car and where this sign is located that indicates that the person is a new driver.

Highway Hypnosis: What It Is And Why It Happens So Often.

Highway hypnosis has to do with a certain state of trance, where the eyes remain fixed on a single point while driving.

What is and how does the ISA System work, which will be mandatory in 2022

As of this date, all new vehicles homologated in the EU will have to have the ISA System compulsorily.


Colombia wants wealth taxes, sugary drinks and processed food

President Gustavo Petro proposes a tax reform to combat tax evasion and avoidance, and obtain revenues of 11,528 million dollars by the year 2026.

US launches initiative to tax share buybacks

A bill launched by the Biden administration will boost sectors such as electric vehicle manufacturers, biofuels and solar energy.

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Last Minute: HBO Max and Discovery + confirm that they will merge into a single platform

Warner Media reported that HBO Max and Discovery subscribers reached 92.1 million paying accounts, while other platforms suffered losses.

2006 Hungarian GP: when Alonso dressed up as Senna and Pedro's podium

The 2006 Formula 1 Hungarian GP will always be remembered for Fernando Alonso's incredible performance and Pedro de la Rosa's only podium finish.