The icon of the fight against leukemia Pablo Ráez is fired by hundreds of people

Hundreds of people today fired the young man from Marbella Pablo Ráez, who managed to turn his fight against leukemia into a viral phenomenon.

Pablo Ráez, an icon who turned his fight against leukemia into a viral phenomenon, dies at age 20

The Marbella Pablo Ráez, who turned his fight against leukemia into a viral phenomenon, has died today, his relatives have assured on social networks. On January 25, Ráez, 20, posted on Facebook: «I've been more absent these days, since I'm focused on the little energy I have ... Continue reading" Pablo Ráez, an icon who converted his fight against leukemia in a viral phenomenon "


Up to 50 cents per glass – beer will be more expensive in 2022!

In the spring of 2022, some large breweries will increase their prices in the catering and retail sectors. Beer is said to be up to 50 cents more expensive per glass.

Young rapper shot in Sweden

According to media reports, the 19-year-old musician Einár is dead. He was shot in a residential area in the south of Stockholm during the night.

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The seven-day incidence is now back over 80

The RKI recorded an increasing incidence for the seventh day in a row. The number of Covid sufferers who have to be treated in hospitals is also rising slightly.

Freimarkt Bremen opens: The only mega-event in Germany during Corona

The Bremen Freimarkt is taking place again after a year of Corona break. It is the only folk festival of this size that takes place in Germany this year.