life on other planets

Earth is the best proof that finding life on other planets is possible

We talk about abiogenesis, the process by which life appears from inorganic substances along with the Carter reasoning.

Mars was habitable for microorganisms, according to a new study

A new study theorizes that these microorganisms would have fed on hydrogen and produced methane, just like the early Earth.

They find new evidence of liquid water under the ice of Mars

A breakthrough for the search for life! A new window of hope opens regarding the habitability of the Martian planet.

Could an advanced civilization have existed millions of years before us? (Silurian hypothesis)

We want to do with you a curious mental experiment with its own name: the Silurian hypothesis in which we presuppose the possibilities that a civilization had existed before we appeared.

Observing minerals could transform the way we search for alien life

Nature created 40 percent of the 5,659 recognized mineral species on Earth. Some minerals are billions of years older than our planet.

Super-Earths could be even more habitable than Earth

Liquid water is an important prerequisite for life to develop on a planet. Now, a new study shows that liquid water could last on worlds other than our own: it could exist for billions of years.

An area of Mars could have harbored life for billions of years

They find clay-bearing sediments in the Margaritifer Terra area on Mars. This may be indicative of the long-term existence of water.

Living microbes in Mars-like conditions

The microbes live in Canada's High Arctic, in a permafrost spring, in conditions much like they would in parts of Mars.


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