Japan will build a rotating structure on the Moon that will emulate Earth's gravity

Dubbed "The Glass", this amazing structure would rotate every 20 seconds to achieve 'normal gravity' for visitors to Earth.

NASA continues preparations for the launch of Artemis I

The launch aboard an Orion MPCV spacecraft is scheduled for next August. This mission will be carried out without a crew.

China says it's not 'trying to take over the Moon' (says NASA)

The Asian nation has described as 'irresponsible' the words of NASA in which it points to its will to monopolize our natural satellite.

This would be the Earth if the Moon disappeared

Can you imagine what our planet would be like without the presence of our natural satellite? What would happen? These are the consequences of a world without the Moon.

NASA captures a spectacular eclipse not visible from Earth

NASA's probe has captured the Moon passing in front of the Sun in a series of stunning images of an eclipse that we couldn't see from Earth.

The lunar dust and the cockroaches that NASA wants to recover

Moon dust was collected by astronauts in 1969. The three cockroaches were used in an experiment to see if they could feed on this Moon dust

NASA launches Capstone, the spacecraft that will facilitate the return to the Moon

This spacecraft will test a unique elliptical lunar orbit, 1,600 km from one lunar pole on its close pass and 70,000 km from the other every seven days.

The Moon could receive water from the Earth's atmosphere

The significant amounts of ice found on the Moon have diverse origins, part of that ice could have come from the Earth's atmosphere


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

The Cheste circuit hosts this weekend, from November 4 to 6, the 2022 MotoGP Comunitat Valenciana GP. See the schedules and all the information.

"Don't talk to me!": Danni Büchner makes a clear announcement to hated party guests

Danni Büchner is invited to Sam Dylan's Halloween party. But the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant has no desire for many other party guests. And find clear words.

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