Margarita Diaz

Margarita Díaz: "The Bronx is a living and resilient territory"

The head of the FUGA talks about the construction of the Bronx Creative District (BDC) in the National Vote, which will allow to reconnect this area with the ...


Does Mexico run out of 'silver bullets' in the face of the inflationary wave?

The ravages of the pandemic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and climate change have caused a rise in prices that is making a dent in the pockets of consumers.

'Cruel and unacceptable': Prince Andrew retains police protection while Prince Harry has to fight for it

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are at the center of a heated debate. Despite his recent abuse scandal, the Queen's son is still entitled to police protection, while his nephew is not.

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The Mexican peso appreciates this Monday, waiting for inflation data

The exchange rate strengthened at the opening of markets this Monday, with the expectation that inflation in Mexico would accelerate again in July.

Ransomware, a threat that gets stronger

As long as the ransomware ecosystem continues to prosper, it can spread to sectors that are vital to the economy, such as large organizations or the government itself, considers Carlos Ortiz Bortoni.