Canal Capital launches productions focused on citizenship of care

The channel will premiere in June "Elemendales Stories" and "Médulas, healing from the roots", two documentaries that seek to show, seek to raise awareness, generate reflection


You don't have to buy a new computer this back to school, but you do have to buy some accessories

The most useful peripherals are hard drives, cameras, and other accessories that will enhance your experience without requiring you to change your computer.

Harald Glööckler mourns the dead dog

In the middle of a hair transplant, Harald Glööckler receives terrible news about the dog Billy King's sister. Read what exactly happened here:

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How drought in Europe puts global agriculture at risk

The affected countries, such as Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands are applying cuts in the water supply to deal with this phenomenon.

"Ina's Night": Ina Müller welcomes Torsten Sträter and Elena Uhlig

Ina Müller welcomes two guests to the Hamburg harbor pub “Zum Schellfischposten” in her talk and drinking show “Inas Nacht”.