What is methane? Natural gas properties

Methane is a highly flammable, colorless and odorless gas whose chemical formula is CH4. It is not one of the most important gases in the Earth's atmosphere, but it is one of the most abundant organic compounds on our planet.


Accident in Dortmund: car rolls over on B1

Several people were injured in an accident on the B1 in Dortmund on Monday. A rescue helicopter was deployed.

Ayleen A. murder case: teenager and suspect know each other from the Internet

The police and prosecutors comment on the murder of Ayleen A. The 14-year-old and the alleged perpetrator are said to know each other from the Internet. Read the background here:

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Rare heavy rain and flooding in Gulf States

Heavy rain and major flooding: This can also be expected in the Gulf States in the coming days. Several people have already died in the storms in Iran.

Brexit controls in Dover: British holidaymakers stuck in traffic

Many Brits want to head to the continent in the first week of the English summer holidays. But that requires a lot of patience from them. What is the reason for the long traffic jams in Dover?