Miguel Bosé

Twitter: Miguel Bosé turns it up again by supporting a demonstration against the mandatory use of a mask

The singer Miguel Bosé has supported a demonstration against the mandatory use of the mask and has announced that he will attend this protest that will take place this Sunday, August 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the Plaza de Colón, in Madrid.


RKI registered 6573 new infections – the incidence was 110.1

While the seven-day incidence was 74.4 a week ago, it has now reached 110. The health authorities reported 6573 new infections to the Robert Koch Institute.

BGH negotiates millions in compensation for Kohl widow

For years there has been a dispute over a book about Helmut Kohl by his ex-memoir writer. The Federal Court of Justice now wants to clarify crucial questions about compensation and prohibited passages.

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Hessian record holder

There are some record holders in Hesse. An overview of the records awarded by the record institute for Germany.