Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

Failure to comply with the new outsourcing law will have tax consequences

Among the sanctions, there will be fines of up to 4.5 million pesos, question the deduction of income tax or the VAT accreditation, and even enter under the assumption of crime for tax fraud.


Fire in Berlin's Grunewald: situation still not under control – Autobahn before opening

Several embers continue to blaze in Berlin's Grunewald. Firefighters are attempting to bring the fire under control. The news ticker.

Mats Hummels shows up after BVB victory in the popular Dortmund park

After BVB's victory against Leverkusen in front of 80,000 spectators, defense ace Mats Hummels mingled with the crowd on Sunday - his son Ludwig was also there.

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Stop saving, for now. In times of inflation, what you should do is invest

Although savings and investment complement each other, there are small differences, which depend on the goals you seek to achieve.

Car sales slow down in July

Inflation and the shortage of supplies continue to cause the sale of light vehicles in Mexico to be 21.6% below pre-pandemic levels.