Napoleon bonaparte

The 13 best phrases of Napoleon Bonaparte, the emperor of France

Let's see the 13 best phrases of Napoleon Bonaparte, republican general during the French Revolution. He gives us various teachings.


More and more cases of monkeypox in Europe

The RKI reports 3025 infections with the monkeypox virus in Germany. The numbers are also increasing in other European countries, and in some places the vaccine is becoming scarce.

Aston Martin promises to have its new F1 factory ready in 2023

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack has revealed that the new factory will be ready in 2023, but the wind tunnel and simulator will have to wait.

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How to cope with the loss of your dog: grief

Grief is a natural process consisting of emotional and behavioral reactions triggered by the loss of a loved one. For example, for the death of a dog.

Chinese and Taiwanese warships chasing each other on the high seas

The vessels played a game of "cat and mouse" on the high seas ahead of the scheduled end of an unprecedented four days of Chinese military exercises.