Nasa surprised by Mars discovery: "You can't hide this evidence"

NASA researchers make an amazing discovery on Mars. This confirms a theory that has existed for a long time.

The eruption in Tonga had a force of 10 megatons

This is the figure estimated by the US space agency, NASA, after the brutal eruption of the underwater volcano.

A large asteroid will approach Earth next week

More than twice the size of the Empire State Building, asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) will pass five times the distance to the Moon.

James Webb: who was he and why did NASA name the largest space telescope in history after him?

The telescope was initially called the Next Generation Space Telescope and was renamed in 2022 in honor of Webb.

The James Webb telescope is now fully deployed

A new milestone. The primary mirror is divided into three sections and its deployment has been successful again. What's next now?

Instruments of the James Webb Telescope

Aside from the huge beryllium-gold mirror and a sunshield as big as a tennis court, these are the telescope's four key instruments.

James Webb successfully completes the deployment of his parasol

A new milestone. The space telescope already has the giant shield that will protect it from the sun's radiation.

The ISS will continue to function until 2030

The United States government has confirmed that it will extend the operations of the International Space Station.


No corona vaccination, no surgery: hospital refuses vital heart transplant

A man is denied vital surgery in the United States. The reason is his missing corona vaccination. The father is stunned.

Woman poses for seemingly perfect pool photo – but a disgusting detail destroys everything

Perfect timing! This woman captured just the right moment in her pool photo. But unfortunately that's not all - there's something nasty going on in the background.

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Onset of winter in Germany: "Stormy amounts" of fresh snow and ice expected

Winter 2021/2022 is almost over. There was hardly anything to see of the snow. That is now changing dramatically. In parts of Germany it can get uncomfortable at the weekend.

Air bombs in Cologne: Why are there still so many duds?

If an aircraft bomb is discovered in Cologne, evacuations and closures are often the result. How are the duds searched for?