Patricia bernal

Patricia Bernal, art with more silence and less noise

The artist Patricia Bernal, who carried out part of her training in China, says that her proposal is a hybrid between the West and the East.


Prince Philippos of Greece & Nina Flohr: Royal dream wedding in Athens

Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr tied the knot in Athens Cathedral. The proud bride beamed at her father's side on the way to the altar.

Corona vaccination breakthroughs: how dangerous is the virus for vaccinated people? – Answers to the most important questions

Despite being vaccinated, you can get infected with corona. Why is that and how dangerous can the virus be for vaccinated people? The most important things at a glance.

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Too few cell phones, tablets and uniforms: will Hamburg save the police?

The Hamburg police are said to have a lack of winter clothing and equipment. The unions complain, the police leadership denies.

Drought in Europe (Arte): The disaster is homemade

In a documentary film, an Arte team sheds light on the background to droughts in Europe - and looks for prospects for the future.