Pedro Castillo

The economic 'lesson' of Pedro Castillo, future Peruvian president: "A monopoly is a company that seeks profit" | Peru

Peru's likely new president, the leftist Pedro Castillo, offered a disturbing 'lesson' in economics that has Peruvians in awe.


At the weekend there is a risk of “floods” due to heavy rain and thunderstorms – then again “drought and heat”

In Germany, dry soil and rivers urgently need rainfall. It comes at the weekend, but then the midsummer weather returns.

No happy ending: a walker finds a neglected dog in a plastic bag – the police are looking for animal abusers

In Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, a woman discovered a neglected dog. It was in a plastic bag that was tied with zip ties.

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This is how the average age of F1 drivers has evolved since 1950

The average age of F1 drivers has undergone a huge change from the start of the category at the British GP in 1950 to the present day.

These electronic parking discs are allowed for motorists

According to experts, drivers who opt for an electronic parking disc must observe a number of requirements. The size of the number is also decisive for approval.