Petra city

The pandemic paralyzes tourism in Jordan and threatens death to donkeys in the city of Petra

Herds of donkeys that carried hordes of tourists along the rocky roads of the Jordanian city of Petra have been left without work and on the brink of hunger due to the pandemic, which deprives locals of income.


Mexico may face more claims from other countries for its energy policy

In addition to complaints from other trading partners, Mexico puts at risk the arrival of more investments in the energy sector, considers the Swiss financial group UBS.

Polar bear injures tourist on Spitsbergen and is killed

A polar bear has entered a tent camp on Svalbard and injured a woman. The animal can be chased away, but is injured so badly that it has to be killed in the end.

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No royal airs: Kate Middleton helps lonely boys on the train

Mom of three Kate Middleton is there when a lonely child needs help. During a train ride without any bodyguards, she kept a boy company.

The date of the Las Vegas GP will be key at the end of 2023 in F1

The date of the Las Vegas Grand Prix of the 2023 Formula 1 season seems to be from November 16 to 18, to be the penultimate race of the year.