World Physiotherapy Day 2021: why this day and benefits

This September 8 is celebrated the world day of physiotherapy. A day that commemorates the constitution of the world organization.

How many foot bones do we have and what are they?

Of the entire human body, the hands and feet win by a landslide in terms of number of bones. How many bones does the foot have?


Amazon acquires iRobot for 1,700 MDD

The company is the developer of Roomba smart vacuum cleaners and the deal seeks to improve Amazon's position in the home market.

From robots to tanks – high-tech against explosions

How to deal with heated ammunition? The head of the Berlin fire brigade reports on state-of-the-art equipment that is used in the forest fire in Grunewald.

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Until November, Mexico, the US and Canada will know the ruling of the panel on rules of origin of the automotive sector

The hearing for the interpretation of the rules of origin, initiated by Mexico and Canada against the United States, took place on August 2 and 3.

The bad streak of the AICM: the airport has reported incidents, a pothole and the closure of runways in less than 4 months

The capital's airport has had several problems in recent months, related to the training of its personnel, airspace and more recently inside.