Planetary alignments that have changed history

Astrology uses planetary conjunctions to predict the future of people and countries. However, these do influence history in a very different way than we are led to believe.

Juno spacecraft sends back stunning image of Jupiter

In one of them you can see a potpourri of connected and interconnected storm vortices that appear serene from a distance, but are not.

Could the planets ever align?

Many movies used it as an excuse, but could the planets of the solar system align? And what effects would it have if it happened?

Mysterious mountains in the rings of Saturn

A kind of mountains have been discovered in the rings of Saturn, created by the disturbance of several submoons.

A swarm of small robots could search for extraterrestrial life on Europa or Enceladus

Can you imagine a group of tiny robots traversing the ocean under the icy crust of Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons?

Why are Uranus and Neptune the new targets of space exploration?

The icy giants Uranus, Neptune and the latter's largest satellite, Triton, seem to be the focus of the next efforts. These are the reasons:

James Webb shows spectacular images of Jupiter

Jupiter, its rings, and its three moons: Europa, Theba, and Metis can be seen in color images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.

A small change in the orbit of Neptune could turn the entire solar system upside down

Our entire solar system could collapse in the hypothetical event that a star alters Neptune's orbit by 0.1%. We explain it to you.


Suspension of cooperation between the US and China affects the fight against climate change

Beijing also canceled high-level military meetings in response to Nancy Pelosi's trip, which it believes undermined its "sovereignty and territorial integrity" and threatened "peace and stability."

#InPhotos l Ukraine resumes its grain exports since the Russian invasion

The Razoni ship set sail from the port of Odessa, loaded with 26,000 tons of corn, bound for the port of Tripoli, in Lebanon.

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Martín: "I am facing the two most important races of my life"

Jorge Martín admitted that the great prizes of Great Britain and Austria, which are held in the next two weeks, will mark his sports career.

Everyone will grow old: But what if you can't do it alone?

The young author of the "Rabiat" report deals with the German nursing shortage from a very personal perspective. A TV review.