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The Church apologizes for the 216,000 cases of abuse of minors registered in France

At least 216,000 minors have been abused by priests or religious in the French Church since 1950.

Pope Francis toughens criminal penalties in cases of pedophilia or cover-up

The Pope has hardened the application of the sanctioning system contemplated in the ecclesiastical penal code in cases of pedophilia or concealment to break the laxity that only applied "exhortations or suggestions" and that was deduced from a "wrong interpretation of mercy."

Joe Biden: Pope Francis Congratulates President-Elect, Second Catholic to Reach the White House After JFK | 2020 US Elections

Pope Francis has had a telephone conversation with the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, the second Catholic to arrive at the White House after John F. Kennedy, to give him his "congratulations and blessings," according to the team. transition of the future Democratic president.


Heike Makatsch investigates in the "crime scene"

In her third case, Heike Makatsch, as "Tatort" commissioner Berlinger, has to do with a blind law student and a decadent young couple. But it is also about the single investigator herself.

Hundreds of digital vaccination cards forged

They are said to have falsified the QR codes for the digital corona vaccination card and sold them online. In October alone, a pharmacy employee with accomplices is said to have issued over 500 vaccination certificates.

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The actor has two daughters with two wives. But he is not married. In his opinion, this has certain advantages.

Bristol scale: the 7 types of stool that exist

According to the Bristol scale, these are the types of feces that exist. They are a clear indication of the state of health.