Prince henry

Prince Henry wanted to "leave" the royal family and says that "no one" wants to succeed Elizabeth II

Prince Henry thought of "leaving" the British royal family but decided to stay "to earn a place," he told the 'Mail on Sunday'.


What are greenhouse gases and what do they cause?

Find out what greenhouse gases are, what they are and what effects they produce on our planet in a natural and artificial way.

Up to 50 cents per glass – beer will be more expensive in 2022!

In the spring of 2022, some large breweries will increase their prices in the catering and retail sectors. Beer is said to be up to 50 cents more expensive per glass.

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4 Halloween poems to recite with children

Today we bring you some Halloween poems that are perfect to recite with children and that feel much more integrated into that night.

Axel Springer relieves "Bild" boss Reichelt of tasks

Julian Reichelt is no longer "Bild" editor-in-chief. Axel Springer released the 37-year-old from his duties with immediate effect. The media group speaks of new findings about Reichelt's behavior.