Human Rights Watch compares the situation in Nicaragua with Fujimori's Peru

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, also denounces that Daniel Ortega's actions against the opposition prevent free elections.

The Unemployment Committee in Colombia announces the temporary suspension of the protests

The mobilizations, which took place every Wednesday from April 28, will be interrupted until July 20, when a march to Congress will be called.

The Unemployment Committee and the government of Colombia reactivate the dialogue without agreements

The protests in the South American country are a month old, without any light of a quick solution to the crisis that already leaves 60 deaths, 43 attributable to the security forces.

The last day of protests in Colombia leaves at least 10 dead

In a month of protests against tax increases and abuse, and police repression, official figures count 49 people dead and 550 injured.


Walrus Freya euthanized in Norway

In July, the authorities still wanted to avoid euthanasia at all costs. But the lives and safety of people were seen to be in danger.

Puma threatens their luxury property: Harry and Meghan on alert

Harry and Meghan's family idyll is disturbed by an uninvited and dangerous guest. A sighting of a cougar has Montecito residents panicking.

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Attention Mexicans: These 14 incomes do not generate taxes!

In the country, natural persons must pay various taxes before the Tax Administration Service.

7 places to look for extraterrestrial life

Before we start looking for extraterrestrial life forms on distant exoplanets, where might we find them in our own cosmic neighborhood?