What is the function of a psalmist and how to become one?

Today, when we speak of a "psalmist," we speak of a singer, musician, or composer who often carries out his ministry in Christianity.

San Francisco de Asís: Biography and curiosities of one of the most relevant saints

Saint Francis of Assisi, born in Giovanni di Pietro in 1181, is an Italian saint, founder of the Franciscan Order.

What does the tree of life mean?

¡The tree of life has a great relevance in all the cultures of the world, and each one gives it a certain meaning based on their beliefs.

What was the first language in history?

There are many doubts about which was the first language in history. Below we show you the multiple theories and hypotheses that exist on the subject.

The curious story behind the meaning of the Saint Christopher medal

We are going to know a little more, both about its history and about other aspects of interest about the Saint Christopher medal.

The prayer of a Democratic congressman to bless the new legislature: "Amen and Awoman" | USA

With this peculiar prayer, Emmanuel Cleaver, Congressman for Missouri, blessed the new legislature: "Amen and Awoman"


Prince Philippos of Greece & Nina Flohr: Royal dream wedding in Athens

Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr tied the knot in Athens Cathedral. The proud bride beamed at her father's side on the way to the altar.

Corona vaccination breakthroughs: how dangerous is the virus for vaccinated people? – Answers to the most important questions

Despite being vaccinated, you can get infected with corona. Why is that and how dangerous can the virus be for vaccinated people? The most important things at a glance.

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Alec Baldwin shoots filming – camerawoman dead

A fatal incident occurred while filming in New Mexico: According to police, US actor Alex Baldwin shot with a prop weapon. A woman has died.

Horror on roller coaster ride in Japan

When leisure fun turns into fear: Dozens of Japanese people suddenly got stuck on a roller coaster at a clear height. What was the reason?