Reuven Rivlin

Isaac Herzog is elected as the new president of Israel and will succeed Rivlin

Israel's parliamentarians have elected Isaac Herzog as Israel's new president on Wednesday, which will succeed Reuven Rivlin, whose seven-year term expires on June 9 without being able to stand for reelection.


Henipavirus Langya (LayV), the new virus of animal origin detected in China

A scientific study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed the detection, in two Chinese provinces, of 35 infections in humans of a new virus of animal origin of the Henipavirus type.

#InPhotos l How do you fight the fire in a fuel warehouse in Cuba?

The crew of a Mexican helicopter that flew over the fire at a fuel storage base in Matanzas on Wednesday reported that the fire is beginning to be controlled.

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It's not your internet: Google suffered an explosion in one of its data centers

After an explosion in one of its data centers in Iowa, some countries have presented failures with the search engine.

Puma threatens their luxury property: Harry and Meghan on alert

Harry and Meghan's family idyll is disturbed by an uninvited and dangerous guest. A sighting of a cougar has Montecito residents panicking.