Santiago de Compostela

Travel from Porto to Santiago de Compostela

Porto, the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, is known for its Port wine production, its massive bridges and its impressive

San Sebastián to Santiago de Compostela

Do you want to make a trip from San Sebastián to Santiago de Compostela?

Things to do in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is the most famous city in Galicia and is the destination of the Camino de Santiago. On this page you will find my suggestions for the best


"Suspected danger" – Berlin police on duty

At night, the Berlin police search an apartment, supported by the fire brigade and the Robert Koch Institute. The suspicion: A person could be in danger. Investigators are silent on the details.

Slight cooling down after a hot weekend announced

The summer high “Oscar” is slowly saying goodbye. A few showers and thunderstorms are forecast. It should cool down significantly by mid-week.

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Harald Glööckler criticizes fashion sins – "absolute disaster"

As a designer, Harald Glööckler (57) is familiar with fashion sins. In an interview he criticizes people who commit them. Read here what it is all about:

16-year-old hit by five shots from police MP

A youth is said to have attacked a police officer with a knife. At least five shots were fired, and the 16-year-old died a little later in the hospital.