Sexual assaults

Kevin Spacey under investigation for three new UK sexual assault allegations

The problems are accumulating for Kevin Spacey: Scotland Yard, the London metropolitan police, is investigating three new accusations of sexual assault against the American actor, which allegedly took place in the United Kingdom. With these three charges, Spacey now has a total of six complaints. TMZ reported these new testimonies, which were confirmed ... Continue reading "Kevin Spacey is investigated for three new accusations of sexual assault in the United Kingdom"


Alec Baldwin shoots camerawoman – Now the husband of Hutchins says: "There are no words"

A camerawoman dies while filming the western "Rust". According to police, a prop gun was fired by movie star Alec Baldwin. The husband expresses himself.

Change from summer to winter time – when is the clock turned?

The clocks in Germany are changed every year. But when and how exactly does the change to winter time take place? An overview.

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Prince Harry: This Hollywood star supports him in his Africa project

Prince Harry visited Africa several times as a young boy. His most recent action against drilling in the Okavango river basin has now also brought an Oscar winner on board.

They discover a crab of one hundred million years preserved in amber

It lived in the age of dinosaurs and is the oldest modern looking crab known to date.